Schedule Drive Test


How to Schedule a Drive Test

#1 Log in to the student portal.

#2  "Purchase" a package OR Click "Road Test Request Form" to schedule your test.

 *** In the message: Let us know which package you are wanting.

We will schedule as close to the time you request.

Make sure to read your confirmation email.


Drivers License Requirements:

In Order To Obtain an Intermediate License (Restriction G):

The Student Must Be:

1) At least 16 years old.

2) Have had a permit for 6 months with no accidents or tickets. (30 Days if over 18 years old.)

3) Have driven 50 hours with a permit; 10 of those hours at night. (Form: Parent Affidavit) 

4) Completed a driver training program and have a certificate of completion. (You will receive that on the last day of driving).

5) Pass the driving test (75%) at Merkley's Driving School or the Department of Public Safety.

6) Anyone who has completed a drivers education program in Oklahoma, and has a Oklahoma Permit can take the driving test at Merkley's.

***Now they can drive by themselves and have 1 friend in the car or have as many family members living in the same household in the car with them. They cannot drive between the hours of 10 PM and 5 AM unless it is a school, work or church related activity.



What to Bring:

1) Permit

2) Completion Certificate (Golden Ticket)

3) Parent Affidavit (Takes place of parent being present)

4) $25 (Cash or Check to OTC)

5) Merkley's Remaing Balance (Cash, Check or CC)


(***If you cannot find your "Golden Ticket"  we can print another out.

PLEASE search for it first. DPS did not keep it when you got your permit.)



***If you need to UPDATE your address on your permit, do it now!

Once you move, you have 10 days to change your information. If your information is not changed you will have to go to the DPS!

Lets skip that step!



Click HERE to Enroll in Drivers Education